Basement Wall Reinforcement

In 1959 there was a flood in Columbus that caused basement walls to bow, buckle and cave in. As a solution, Joe and Charlie began installing a series of steel “I” beams along the bowing wall to prevent additional movement.

Pressure Grouting

Pressure grouting is a cost-effective alternative to concrete slab replacement. Pressure grouting can be used to lift sidewalks, patios, garage floors, slab home floors, warehouse floors or highway pavement.


K&G has been drying out wet basements for over 40 years. An analysis almost always includes a “phased in” approach to repair and the customer is encouraged to do the inexpensive repairs first.

Stage Grouting

K&G has pioneered Deep Stage Grouting for delicate repair work to old stone foundations. A series of pipes are drivien below the bottom of the wall, then a cement slurry is pumped under the settled portion of the foundation.

helical piles to repair foundation

Settling Foundation

FREEMAN SYSTEM PATENTED PIERS are recognized by engineers as the premier underpinning system. The foundation is lifted back up to level by a series of hydraulic jacks and then held in place by a series of reinforced concrete pier legs.