Settling Foundation

Improve Structural Integrity With Innovated & Quality Solutions.

With over 30 years of experience, K & G Contracting delivers Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas with cost-effective, high-quality Foundation Repair and Drainage solutions.  We are not a high pressure sales company.  Our Certified Structural Technician will thoroughly investigate your unique problems affecting your home and develop a comprehensive repair plan.

Integrity of all structures rely on a solid foundation. It is important to be proactive on cracks or shifts in your foundation before major damage occurs. Our Columbus foundation repair experts complete a thorough foundation inspection before providing you with a detailed job assessment and written estimate. About 40% of the homes we visit do not require major repair. Surface crack repair, drainage system enhancements or tree removal can correct your problem. We will be glad to give you the good news if the fix is minor.

Signs of Foundation Problems

Some of the first signs of foundation damage can be recognized by cracks in dry wall, doors that stick and uneven floors.  Foundations in the Columbus area are vulnerable to foundation problems due to the clay soil.  Clay Soil expands and contracts with the Columbus’ ever changing weather.  Improper drainage systems can often make things worse.  It causes the ground beneath your home to shift which results in foundation movement. If you have any doubt about foundation problems, it’s important to have a professional inspection done.

What you can expect from K & G. Foundation services include:

  • Repair  cracked or damaged foundations using innovative, proven technology exclusive to us.
  • Foundation inspection and evaluation completed  by an experienced Engineer.
  • Installing exterior drainage solutions such as surface & subsurface drains and root barriers
  • We set the industry standard with unmatched customer service and experience.
  • K&G is not a HIGH PRESSURE sales oriented company! We are here to help you.
helical piles to repair foundation
This photo shows the underground helical piles, or piers, that tie the foundation to more solid earth.