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Basement Wall Reinforcement

In 1959 there was a flood in Columbus that caused basement walls to bow, buckle and cave in. As a solution, Joe and Charlie began installing a series of steel "I" beams along the bowing wall to prevent additional movement. In extreme cases, K & G can excavate along the outside of a severely bowed wall and push it back to it's original plumb position at less than half of the cost of replacement.

K & G set the industry standard by offering a lifetime transferable warranty against collapse for this type of repair.

What to look for:
Bowed walls, cracks on the basement wall, damp basement

The process:
1. Remove a small section of the concrete floor
2. Place the beams on the footer.
3. Fasten 2x6 and 4x4 bracing to the ceiling with steel bolts.
4. Install the pusher assembly and straighten the wall.
5. Fill holes with concrete, wait until the concrete has set-up, then remove the pusher assembly the next day.

Four inch wide flange steel I-beams. Pusher assembly: steel pins, 50 ton screw jack, 2x8 backstop. Bracing: 2x6, 4x4, Portland Cement floor patch.

Benefits: recommended by structural engineers, structural integrity restored, prevents future movement, lifetime transferable warranty, economical.

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